How we saved the day with ac repair.

Emergency AC Repair in Tequesta, FL

Museums are an important part of our culture. Not only do these wonderful establishments preserve or history, they also teach us a great deal about technology, art and the culture of the local residents. The kind of people who visit museum are general well educated, curious and rather discerning. It is safe to say that these are the people who have a great deal of influence in our society, so their comfort and by extension, reviews in and of any given museum is not to be taken lightly.

That is why when the AC at the museum breaks just one night before an important event, finding the right ac repair company goes right up to the top of the list of things to do. With a broken AC, not only are the artifacts within the museum at risk of getting ruined, but the esteemed guests themselves will end up being way to uncomfortable to enjoy their visit. This kind of showcase is bound to ruin the reputation and societal standing of any establishment, more so a museum.

That’s why when a certain museum in Tequesta, FL need help, they contacted us! This is how we helped them. First we got started contacting our customers who are HVAC contractors and finding out who could do a big commercial job on short notice. When you have such a short notice, you are basically dealing with emergency ac repair companies within the area. This means that you need to find one that is not only competent enough to make sure that the same catastrophe does not reoccur during the event, but also one that can solve the problem with urgency.

Finding this kind of business on the eve of the event isn’t easy. Thankfully, the museum choose us at gWashington1999 to help them. They could have chosen to go online and do a quick search and hoped they  located the right company.

The very first thing a museum should do if they dont contact us, is run a quick search on “emergency ac repair in Tequesta FL”. This will populate a list of all the companies who handle emergency ac repair within the city and it should also give you their contact information. It is however, prudent not to pick up the phone and call the first company you see on the list. Although, chances are that the first company you see on the list is one that takes its  marketing seriously and might actually be the best option.

However, running a quick check on the kind of reviews the various companies get will give you a quick insight on whether or not they can be trusted with such an important and urgent task. After that, all that is left to be done is to give them a call, explain the situation and get guarantees that the job will be done before the following day’s event.

Thankfully, many ac repair companies in Tequesta, FL are highly professional, efficient and very effective. As an alternative to doing a google search for ac companies you could just go to the Ac Repair Florida Directory. We resolved the museums problem in no time at all and the event went amazing. The guest, many of whom thoroughly enjoyed themselves had no idea what kind of ordeal the museum managers and ac repair contractors went through to make everything just right.

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New AC Units have arrived.

New Rheem Air Conditioning Units

We have received brand new energy efficient Air Conditioning Units. We find that these units have the combined technology to not only reduce you energy consumption but also reduce the cost of electricity. These Rheem units do it based on the new technology that is used to run the unit.

It has a two stage Copeland compressor. This newly redesigned compressor improves on the original one. Making it more efficient and durable. A single stage unit runs at one speed, but the Two-Stage RA17 modulates between two speeds – high and medium. You see by making the first stage of the compressor turn on medium speed most of the time, this provides more precise temperatures and lowers overall humidity in the home. This system operates on high when necessary, like the warmest part of the day. The compressor also has 70% fewer moving parts – which means you get a unit that’s more efficient and more reliable. The fan is also larger and quieter for optimal airflow and better overall performance.
The secret to getting the best out of theses units is using a smart thermostat with it. You see the new thermostat learns your home cooling habits and then begins to adjust the temperature automatically. You wont even notice. These smart thermostats monitor when you come and go. It takes note of the outside temperature compared to the inside temperature.  That is the big secret. You leverage the new technology of the air conditioning units and combine it with the newest and greatest thermostats and you can achieve great things. Not only will you save money…You actually save the environment.
We are so committed to bringing energy efficient home cooling options for you, that with every purchase we will be making a donation in your name to the Energy Star.
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